More Thoughts On Nat’s NICU Visit

One reason I wanted Natalie to come was because I needed to see my girls together. Somehow I struggled to see them as each others' sisters. For me, Natalie was in one world, and Marie was in another. I needed those worlds to collide. Having them in the same room was surreal. It was also …

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Each night after Marie's initial near-death episode, I slept a little easier, though still I wondered if we'd be paged back upstairs to tell her goodbye.My mom came to see Marie every day and would stay for at least a few hours. She and Natalie were staying with my cousin, Brooke, who also got to …

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Rossi House

It was the day after we'd spent the night in public quarters, and we were waiting to hear whether we could get a room in the Rossi House, which was three floors down from Marie.Rossi House was once a hospital wing but was repurposed into a mini, hotel-like facility. Families of inpatients with serious conditions …

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