It’s Up.

After nearly two years. Lily of the Valley is her birth flower, so I chose that as the main feature of sorts. There is also a butterfly perched on top, a photo of which I will add tomorrow as the one I have is hard to make out. The headstone sat at the monument shop …

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for dear life

i can't hold on much longer "For Dear Life" original sketch by me (I am safe. I have started teaching myself to draw and actually share my attempts to @molly.draws.things on Instagram. It is becoming an additional outlet for expressing myself.)


CW: Depression, self harm, plans of suicide I can't say "last year" anymore regarding Marie, and I am uncomfortable with how far away her birth and death seem now. 2017 sucked a whole lot, because dead baby. 2018 really was not any better. A heavy emotional trauma took place in March. I internalized much of …

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The Next Day

I awoke numb, exhausted, a sandpaper pit in my stomach. Brushed teeth, showered. Every step was a dragging shuffle. I turned on The Weather Channel as background noise. Made myself half presentable and walked down the hall to the reception desk. "We are checking out today, but will be a bit behind. Our daughter passed …

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